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During the current situation when your grass is ensiled, problems may arise during ensiling. With most silage storage, conservation works well to perfect. However, as soon as one opens the storage of the silage, a mold or a rise in temperature in the roughage often occurs after 2 to 3 weeks of feeding!

This usually leads to a decrease in milk production in the cow. A changed product is then fed to the cow, which can be read from the silage analysis. The most common occurrence is that the sugars disappear, causing the intake of the cow to deteriorate!

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Do you recognize 1 or more of the following roughage problems?

  • Grow in your roughage?
  • Mold formation in your roughage (candida or aspergillus)?
  • Silage a large quality difference in the roughage due to the lasagna (heating in the intermediate layers)?
  • Wet or acidic roughage (butyric acid)?
  • Mold on the sides of your trench silage?
  • Too low milk production or too low levels?