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Our concrete elements for the silage bunkers have optimum acidity protection (environmental class XA3) and are suitable for use in a highly aggressive chemical environment. Because of our special production system of the silage elements, water cannot penetrate. Our silage elements are disposable liquid-tight!

The benefits of the Kornet silage bunkers

The silage systems from Kornet offer you many advantages in the area of ​​more efficient working within your company and a quality improvement of the roughage.

  • A customized silage bunker; tailored to your specific wishes and feeding speed
  • A solid and stable system, extra high load capacity and no pressure differences between the walls
  • Optimal drainage; no rainwater in your roughage, reducing press juices of no less than 80%
  • The soil wall in the (double) wall ensures a constant low temperature of your roughage and ensures an airtight seal
  • Slot silo elements are available from stock
  • Kornet takes care of the entire process; from groundwork, places to finishing
  • The system is easy to raise and extend, adjusted to a different feed speed
  • The system can easily be expanded to several slot silos with the double wall connected
  • The double wall is a safe walking place and a storage place for any trunks and tires
  • The drains in the soil wall ensure optimum drainage, so that your roughage through the water is not damaged

Silage bunkers

The stable and heavy steel construction that is filled up to the top between the trench silo walls, together with the ground wall, ensure an extremely stable and safe working situation.

With a 50 cm wide wheel you can also compact an optimal cm² pressure along the sides of your riding owl. This allows you to ensilage the roughage against the silage silo walls to be optimally compacted. Thanks to the robust construction, our walls can in fact support an axle load of up to 20 tonnes, with a dry matter percentage of 25%!

The trench silo is guaranteed airtight because the walls of the trench silos are sealed with a special high-quality, elastic and acid-resistant kit (even in severe frost). The soil wall ensures that the trench silo wall is absolutely airtight.

Thanks to this construction with a soil wall, the slot silo walls give optimum sensitivity to your sensitive roughage during the hot summer temperatures.

You can optimally attach the cover plastic or the overlap of the cover at the ideal working height of 2/3 meters. As a result, the roughage is optimally protected against storms and sealed against the penetration of oxygen and rainwater.

This method of a thorough trench silo wall and an optimal covering system ensure a fast and optimal conservation of your roughage, which will lead to an optimal conservation, so that you actually perform what the silage analysis indicates. In this way, your precious dairy cattle provide optimum milk production.


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Sleufsilo Kornet Beton

One of our options is a step element.


Seal with elastic acid-resistant kit


Choice of asphalt or concrete or concrete slabs


Level in the longitudinal direction with slopes in the side


The standard available heights are;

  • 2.00 meters
  • 2.44 meters
  • 3.05 meters

Silage bunker floor with slope to the side for a cleaner and dryer product

By means of the slope of the floor completely to a side with grommets Ø125 in the side walls, it is possible to groove from 2 sides. The floor always stays level / level in the longitudinal direction.

As a result, the water is drained quickly over a short distance in the width of the silage, so that your trench silage also stays much cleaner and your roughage remains optimally dry.

If you start to silage lasagna again in April (first cut), you can step up the last grass silage from the rear and then again silage lasagna at the front. This ensures that your cows receive a consistent ration throughout the year, resulting in stable milk production among the cows.


To make use of an optimal drainage system, a single-sided transit system is used from the silage bunker, after which it is separated from rainwater and press juices in a collection system. The big advantage of this is that the system is cheaper but above all also user-friendly. All the water is passed through 1 thick duct so that it never clogs and always stays clean.

Result: It does not attract pests that like to be in the remains of press juices and that it brings a huge stench during the summer days.

The drains that you do not wish to use are easy to seal by means of. a flexible internal sealing cover.

Silo bunkers customization & specials

Kornet makes custom silage bunkers, so you have many options in terms of dimensions.

  • The width and length are flexible.
  • A possible rear wall, sloping end pieces on the walls is possible
  • And the width of a double wall can be adjusted to your wishes.

A Kornet silage bunker is always tailored to your feed speed, so you always have a suitable silage bunker.

The silage bunker elements are supplied from stock. The standard available heights are;

  • 2.00 meters
  • 2.44 meters
  • 3.05 meters

Do you want to grow with your company in the future?

Kornet offers systems that can be increased. So that in the future, when your business starts to grow, you can easily adjust your silage bunker in height or length.

Raising is a relatively cheap solution, because no new floor has to be poured or the building block on the yard needs to be enlarged. An increase therefore leads to cheaper cubic meters and you only have to invest when you are ready. A silage bunker grows with your company.

Meeting special wishes and requests from customers is our strength! Do you have an idea or a specific wish regarding your silage bunker? Please contact us. We ensure that this can be achieved.

Surface and floor of the Kornet Beton Balk silage bunkers

Kornet Beton also takes care of the floor and the substrate (inclined) of your silo with its own material and personnel, if this is desired. We are also specialized in building trench silos on piles.

Kornet also takes care of the construction of the sewer system and septic tank that meet the correct environmental requirements. This system has also been approved according to strict regulations in Denmark and Germany.

The land in the Netherlands often has a weaker structure, which means that dairy farmers have a lot of problems with extreme subsidence of the trench silos. Kornet has an ideal solution where the trench silo can be put complete or only the silo walls on piles.

We can also extend or raise your silo walls with concrete elements on T or L elements and poured walls.

Commercial concrete hardening

Kornet Beton can also take care of the paving of your yard, we prepare both the preparation and the concrete ourselves. Our extensive experience, professional approach and the use of good materials give us a head start in this.

On average, we dump with a capacity of 25/30 m³ per hour. The pouring is done professionally with a heavy environmental class of concrete XA2. The floor is then flanged or brushed depending on your wishes. If you have other wishes, then that is of course possible in consultation.

Responding to the situation on the ground and your personal wishes, we carefully examine the best method. Possibilities are dumping with an outlet funnel or with a concrete pump.

More information?

For more information about the Kornet silage solutions or a check of your roughage, contact us via the button below or call Mobil: +45 22135001, Kontor: +31 (0)514 601990